Lower Body #9 (Hip Mobility)

Reps Workout (Hip Mobility Workout)

Gear needed:  None

Beginners Do 1 Round, Intermediate 2 rounds, Advanced 3 Rounds
1) Fire Hydrant Left (15-20 Reps)
2) Fire Hydrant Right (15-20 Reps)
No Rest.  Start Reps on the other side immediately

Beginners Do 1 Round, Intermediate 2 Rounds, Advanced 3 Rounds
1) Kneeling Side Leg Circles Right (Do 15 Clockwise + 15 Counterclockwise)
2) Kneeling Side Leg Circles Left (Do 15 Clockwise + 15 Counterclockwise)

1) Under the Fence Lunge & Lean (Get the Hip Low and Lean Away.  Don’t go fast.  Hold each position and feel the stretch before going back under the fence to the other side.)  (Do up to 20 Total Reps)

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