Lower Body #8

Tabata-Style (40 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest)

Gear needed:  None

3 Circuits:
1) Creeping Lunge (4 Forward, 4 Back) (modify:  Walking Forward Lunge OR Alternating Reverse Lunge)
2) Table Kicks (modify:  Front Kick)
3) Switch Sides
4) Kneeling Quad Burner (modify:  Squat Hold)
5) Mary Catherine + Twist (modify:  Touch the Floor)

Burnout: 1 Circuits:
1) Switch Kicks w/ Hands on Floor (modify:  Glute Bridge March)
2) Pendulum Leg Swing (modify: High Plank + Alternating Heel Lift- keep the leg straight and squeeze the butt)
3) Lateral Frog Hops (modify:  Skaters)

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